Intellecta // Annual report 2016

Delivering customer value

at the crossroads of creative communications and digital technology.


Intellecta’s mission is to deliver value to our customers at the crossroads of creative communications and digital technology. Our strategy is to combine the strength of our network with the edge of our specialized agencies to deliver relevant, creative, digital, innovative and effective communications solutions for the digital era. With its 10 agencies in 15 countries, Intellecta has grown to employ 590 consultants during the year, serving great customers around the globe.

Throughout the year, we delivered customer value and communications solutions in the form of bots, VR movies and brand new e-commerce platforms, for example, to customers such as Nike, Pfizer, NBC, Lush, Barncancerfonden, EKN (The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board), SVT, Stora Enso and many more. I’m proud to present a showcase of what we delivered in 2016.

Intellecta global presence

Tomorrow//Ask Jerry

Meet Jerry, a chatbot created to:promote Pernod Ricard’s premium the buzz and lifestyle surrounding it.

Ask Jerry – Tomorrow

Cocktails are still a relatively new concept in the Chinese market. Tomorrow was asked by the international liquor brand Pernod Ricard to help ease the way and facilitate their entry into the Chinese market as a fashionable alternative to wine or champagne.

The Bot Jerry

In order to to ease the way, Tomorrow created Jerry, a chatbot for cocktail lovers and bartenders. The key objectives were to promote Pernod Ricard’s premium spirits, drive the buzz and lifestyle surrounding it, collect consumer/bartender data and generate consumer/bartender insights for marketing activations and promote consumption occasions and boost e-commerce sales.

Marketing communications are driven both by creativity and data insights, and to be successful you need a combination of both. By bringing the bot Ask Jerry to life, Tomorrow did exactly this. They gave Jerry his own unique personality, gave him a communication platform on WeChat and Weibo, and then made him magically talk to his fans. Jerry was born in late Q3 2016 and has been accepted by everyone from elite mixologists to new cocktail consumers. Not only does Jerry keep you up to date on what’s happening and introduce you to new cocktail recipes, the bot also allows you to order Pernod Ricard’s spirits directly via WeChat so you can make cocktails at home.

He charmed the customers

The bot surpassed all KPI´s within the first three-month trial period with a double-digit growth rate and hundreds of people chatting with Jerry every day. As a long-term Pernod Ricard initiative, Jerry is not a campaign. Future plans include more actively engaging the bartender community with Ask Jerry, and expanding to more cities in China.

The future of chatbots

Jimmy Rohampton at Forbes believes that almost every industry will begin streamlining man-machine communications via chatbots in 2017. Many more Siris and Jerrys will be there for customers, but they will also be there for companies’ employees. Big companies will use the bots to support their HR department to provide information on everything from health benefits and retirement planning to job training and travel.

According to Landor’s trends forecast for 2017, elements like a bot’s name, gender, appearance, and voice all influence consumers’ perception of a brand. So successful brands will design chatbots that are both differentiated and humanized. In 2017 we will most likely see the full-scale integration of chatbots across online shopping, customer service, and more.

Jerry is breaking norms

Many of the bots on the market have been created with female attributes such as feminine names and voices. Tomorrow did the opposite and created a male bot. Another way to break the norm is to rank high in the whitelist of the 2016 AllBright report “One in five executives are women”. In reference to the report on its website, AllBright states that: “Progress is in the air. The number of women in listed companies’ executive management increases. More companies than ever have a gender equal representation and the number of female CEOs is higher than that of last year.” Out of 275 listed companies in 2016, Intellecta climbed to number 30 on the whitelist (52 in 2015).

Asset 9ldpi

Data driven communication

Communication overall continues to be data driven. Tomorrow’s Ask Jerry case is an example of how Intellecta makes use of new technologies and data. All marketing and communication is now (or should be) data and creativity driven since these things are complementary, rather than in conflict with each other. In our industry today, we need to be a combination of Mad Men (creatives) and Math Men (data and insights technologists). According to Professor Dominique Turpin at the Swiss business school the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), data-driven marketing will become increasingly personified. This means that companies will communicate with you in the most efficient way, depending on who you are and what your habits say about you.

WeChat may be a text messaging app, but its uses extend to much more than just chat and calls. It’s communication, gaming, dating, shopping, banking and transport all in one. With 768 million daily users, WeChat has become truly integrated into the Chinese lifestyle. This is a completely different online mobile world we’re talking about: a platform used to make 100 million calls and video calls every day. Some 50 per cent of the users on WeChat spend 90 minutes a day on the app, and regular WeChat users spend CNY 580 (about SEK 760) a month on sending lucky money to friends.

Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website, with 132 million daily users. Akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, it is one of the most popular services in China.

Chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence to impersonate a human being. In the past, they were primarily used for handling simple tasks, but they are now being developed to perform more complex functions and enable interaction between their users.

AllBright is a politically independent, non-profit foundation that promotes equality and diversity in senior positions in the business sector. They work actively with advocacy to influence decision makers in the business sector, encouraging them to work consciously and purposefully to increase the proportion of women in senior positions.


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Lush: One of the largest and most complex Drupal e-commerce sites in the world

Lush – FFW

LUSH is a British vegetarian and vegan beauty and cosmetics company. It has a core group of dedicated customers worldwide, who usually buy their products at LUSH’s retail shops. With Lush’s in-store sales outweighing those made online, Lush wanted to create a digital experience that would weave its stories throughout every page of its website and spike online sales. Lush turned to a partnership between FFW and Acquia to provide a seamless integration between content and commerce and resulted in a brand new website.

“An inspiring mobile commerce website”


A lushing result

When it had been published, the new LUSH website had dramatic spikes in both web traffic and online sales. The site was named an “inspiring mobile commerce website” by Econsultancy and website sessions increased by 75 percent, digital orders increased by as much as 64 percent, and shopping cart abandonment decreased by 16 percent. To date, Lush has one of the largest and most complex Drupal e-commerce sites in the world, with nine different Drupal profiles working together and exchanging data across this international platform.

An inspiring mobile commerce website

LUSH Global Architecture platform is Open Source driven and the biggest commerce platform built on top of Drupal Commerce. It took eight whole months, 3,700 JIRA tasks and 25 people from FFW to complete the project which involved working together using the Scrum Agile Project Management framework. The new platform can support up to 100 different markets. It currently supports 17 different countries and their local sub-sites. Even though information is easily shared across different sub-sites and all the platforms work together, the site architecture is built so that each sub-site performs independently of the others – meaning huge surges in traffic from Germany will not disrupt operations in New Zealand.

FFW and Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is the biggest update in Drupal’s history and was launched in 2016. It’s available in 100 languages, and its integration tools make it a great hub for complex ecosystems. The demand for Drupal 8 started to affect FFW´s turnover and sales positively during the third quarter of 2016 and increased further when the number of Drupal 8-based projects for FFW rose to approximately 24 percent of the agency revenues in the fourth quarter.

A creative e-commerce

Building an e-commerce site that is responsive for different platforms is one aspect of developing services for customers. Another one is to make them want to use it. In 2017 and moving forward, Intellecta will stay at the crossroads of digital technology and creative communications rather than in the realm of traditional advertising. We strive to increase our understanding of mobile commerce. Our customers’ customers, as well as our employees, are mobi-social first, and they fully embrace the sharing and peer-to-peer economy. We strive to make sure that the entire organization understands the basics and that we raise our game in this area. What Ask Jerry and Lush have in common is that they have placed themselves to meet the customer’s needs, in their mobile phones and their everyday social feeds.

We live in a mobi-first society which has evolved globally. Today, more people have access to mobile phones than to electricity or clean water.

Mobi-first, a different customer journey

We live in a mobi-first society which has evolved globally. Today, more people have access to mobile phones than to electricity or clean water.

According to Brian Solis and Jayime Szymanski, digital strategists at Altimeter, mobile is just the beginning of disruption in the customer journey. They believe, and we agree, that with a runway for disruptive technologies still ahead such as IoT, VR, AI and AR, companies will need a resilient infrastructure that adapts to not only mobile’s “micro-moments”, but also the impact of all these trends and new devices over time. One way to do so is to evolve digital transformation toward a state of innovation and adaptability.

Mobile has given way to what Google refers to as “micro-moments”, and they are changing traditional customer journeys completely. These mobile first micro-moments appear when someone intends to do, buy, or learn something. As consumers increasingly use their phones to complete everyday activities, they break down the consumer journey into hundreds of new “micro” touchpoints where they seek reviews, shared experiences and mobile-optimized content, something that now can be experienced and used at Lush new website. Traditional and earlier touchpoints such as websites do not meet the expectations that arise at the same time as the possibilities increases for customers according to Solis and Szymanski.

Drupal is an on open source web content management software (web CMS) platform. Anyone can download, use, work on, and share it with others. It’s built on principles such as collaboration, globalism, and innovation. It’s distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). There are no licensing fees. Both Gartner’s and Forrester Research’s comparisons of leading Web CMS actors identify the Drupal service provider Acquia as one of the three leading companies. Read more at

Acquia is a premium digital platform provider and specialist in Drupal hosting. Acquia provides the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences. Global organizations use the Acquia Platform to create a single, powerful digital foundation for delivering world-class customer experiences. These experiences can be easily deployed and managed at scale, for one to thousands of sites, driving transformative business results at breakthrough speed. Read more at


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Intellecta Corporate//The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

A new website and a light campaign, to increase the awareness of children´s cancer.

Barncancerfonden – Intellecta Corporate

Since the beginning of 2016, Intellecta Corporate has been Barncancerfonden’s (the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s) digital partner, collaborating closely with the organization on developing its digital presence. Intellecta Corporate was also assigned the task of developing a new website for the organization, which will be launched in the second quarter of 2017.

New website to increase donations

The competition for users’ and donors’ time and engagement is increasing today, both in Sweden and globally. In Sweden alone there are 30,000 registered non-profit organizations and 421 registered organizations with a “90-konto”: an account used for fundraising. One way to compete is to change the way the organization communicates with its donors. The way people are making donations is rapidly changing, and the hub for fundraising and donations has gone from analogue communication to digital. Just like the rest of society, NGOs are affected by the rapid process of digital transformation. Barncancerfonden is no exception, and must continuously update its digital presence and its strategies to stay relevant and visible.

Reaching goals and fighting child cancer

With a loyal fan base, unique content and a website aligned with the organization’s goals, Barncancerfonden can continue to thrive and surpass its goals. In the second quarter of 2017, a brand new website will be launched with the main purpose of raising awareness and money for the cause. When Intellecta Corporate started working with Barncancerfonden, the first thing they did was to develop and know the client’s goals and objectives. While working on the strategy and concept the team came up with a concept that was divided into four sub-concepts to fit the different target groups. After the concept was put in place the team at Intellecta Corporate developed the design, UX-design and the structure for alternative options for the donors. A higher conversion rate as well as gaining more solid knowledge of users and their behavior were two key objectives.

Asset 6ldpi

The light campaign

Parallel to working with the website Intellecta Corporate developed a campaign for the International Childhood Cancer Day. For this day Intellecta Corporate developed a light campaign for Barncancerfonden. The campaign´s purpose was to encourage people to share their digital candles in their social feeds to increase the awareness of children´s cancer. The KPI was set to 5 000 shared candles during the day. When the day was over it had reached over 8 000 shared candles in different social feeds such as Facebook and Twitter.


Intellecta AB is the initiator, founder and main sponsor of the Gundua Foundation, another Foundation that is in need of donors time and money. The Foundation was initiated by Intellecta in 2007 to focus the different aid and donor initiatives within the Intellecta Group on one common commitment and to allow for concrete and measurable changes. Since then, the Gundua Foundation has worked to give especially children and youngsters a better life by providing education and health services in a poor rural area in northern Kenya. Intellecta has been deeply involved in the foundation right from the start, and its commitment is ongoing and increasing.

The different agencies support the Gundua Foundation in different ways. Throughout the year River has redesigned the website by making it more user friendly and developed the web design. At the the end of the year Bysted created a Christmas campaign targeting the employees of Intellecta. This campaign generated employee donations of €2.403 to the Foundation.

Barncancerfonden’s vision is to eradicate childhood cancer. They take on the fight against childhood cancer and ensure that the affected children, adolescents and their families receive the care and support they need. The organization’s core values are hope, courage and responsibility. Hope, because they spread hope among themselves and in their environment. Courage because they show courage by seeing reality as it is. Responsibility because they take responsibility for children and their families.

A 90-konto is a PlusGiro or bank account that can be used for raising funds for charitable purposes. The purpose of the 90-konto is to reassure the public that the money goes to the stated cause. To use a 90-account, organizations must meet the requirements of the Swedish Fundraising Control (Svensk Insamlingskontroll) and follow its rules.


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Rebranding Swedish design for @dux_official #dux #duxinspiration #duxbed #luxurybeds

DUX – Bysted Malmö

In a world driven by global, transparent, digital channels, visual communication is becoming more important than ever. Bysted works with design-driven brands where DUX is an important customer. Together Bysted, DUX and DUXIANA have repositioned the brands towards a younger target group.


Rebranding through social media

Bysted’s main objectives, when working together with DUX and DUXIANA, were to work strategically with the brand to tighten its visual identity, develop a more uniform concept and tonality, and to modernize the website as well as all printed material. The work resulted in a new image campaign including the concept, creation, copy and photographs. For the website, the main focus was its structure, design and development for the web.

The furniture industry is growing in Sweden, and the majority of the companies are found in the south: in Skåne, Småland and Västra Götaland. The Swedish Government has deemed Swedish Design a prioritized area and thus invested funds to strengthen the awareness of Swedish Design internationally. This will improve the possibilities to increase exports of design which is why this is a perfect time to reposition DUX and DUXIANA.

The overall aim was to rejuvenate the DUX brand, make sure DUX follows and leads the global trends and reaches a younger target group. One way to rejuvenate the brand was by developing DUX’s presence in social media. By introducing the account @dux official and the corresponding hashtags, the number of followers on Instagram more than doubled from February 2016 to December 2016. Traffic to the DUX Nordic websites has increased substantionally and the advertising campaigns are considered by DUX to have been very successful. DUX is still implementing ROI follow-up systems, but since 2015 DUX Nordic sales are up by some 15%.

The Swedish Government has deemed Swedish Design a prioritized area and thus invested funds to strengthen the awareness of Swedish Design internationally.

The social media trends

Social media is no longer a trend, it is a way of life and therefore a necessary channel for rebranding DUX and DUXIANA in the younger age groups. According to We are Social, one in three people (37 percent of the world’s population) is using social media, mostly through the mobile phone. Comparing the global figures with the situation in Sweden, 93 percent of the Swedes use the Internet and 67 percent use social media. There are several trends within social media that have evolved during 2016 and will continue to be on the agenda for 2017.

Asset 2ldpi

Mobile first

According to We are Social what stands out in early 2017 is mobile social. They state that “The latest data shows that more than one-third of the world’s population – 2.5 billion people – now access social media services via mobile devices each month, and that figure grown by 581 million in the past year alone. Roughly 8 percent of the world’s entire population started using mobile social media in the past 12 months, at a rate of more than 18 new users every second.”

Lately, in the discussions about social media there has been a major focus on social networks rather than on the social networking within the networks. Many of the major messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat, now have more users than the big four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This kind of messaging is called OTT-messaging, and is defined as an instant messaging service provided by third parties as an alternative to text messaging services provided by a mobile network operator. It is estimated that two billion users will be messaging through messaging-apps by 2018 according to Webio.

Live video streaming

YouTube became even bigger last year. According to Sara Hamedy at Mashable, YouTube with its 1 billion users, “reaches more 18- to 34-year-olds and 18- to 49-year-olds than any TV network – broadcast or cable – on mobile.”

Videos today capture real, unfiltered moments, just like the new concept of live videos. Different social media is taking video to the next level by offering content in real time. Live streaming video was first made popular by Twitter’s Periscope. Facebook followed and Facebook Live and Instagram Live were launched in 2016. Social videos have much more engagement than any other content format, and have been responsible for a lot of growth on Facebook. The millennials prefer YouTube and live videos. They also prefer expiring social content, as many of the live videos and stories are. Instagram stories had 500 million monthly users in 2016, and Snapchat is expanding rapidly as well – so much, in fact, that they decided to enter the stock market at the start of 2017. Intellecta is well positioned to meet the needs of the clients increased use of video services. With the broad knowledge among the agencies and especially Unreel, who throughout the year helped several clients with motion media.

DUX is a Swedish bed and furniture manufacturer based in Malmö. The company was founded in 1926 by Efraim Ljung and is now led by the fourth generation of the Ljung family. In the 1980s the store concept DUXIANA was created, which later evolved into a design hotel brand of the same name. Today DUX is represented in 22 countries.

Social media is an umbrella term for a variety of sites and services on the Internet, but can be described as a series of virtual meeting places where users can build their own content, make contacts and network with others.


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Unreel, Rewir, Wow Events // Storytel

Storytel: Exceeding its own forecasts.

Storytel – Unreel, Rewir, Wow Events

The Swedish audiobook streaming service Storytel is growing fast and expanding its business in several countries. Storytel is a digital subscription service that streams audio books for your mobile phone. You download an app to your phone (iPhone or Android) and take out a subscription. Along with several of Intellecta’s other agencies, Unreel has helped Storytel with their international expansion.

Cooperation within the agency

From Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland, Storytel has expanded into Finland, and more countries are coming. On top of that, Storytel has launched a series of original stories, and bought several companies and competitors. Since 2012, Rewir, Unreel and Wow Events have been assisting Storytel in building a strong brand through communication and go-to-market strategies, creative ideas and the production of campaigns, as well as providing events, design and brand engagement.

Asset 8ldpi

Intercultural approach

During 2016 Rewir and Unreel developed a campaign toolbox allowing the campaigns to fit a particular local market. Denmark, for instance, has chosen an educational approach with various types of adapted scenery and screenshots of devices with an explanatory interface; while Sweden – being a more mature market – has chosen a more emotional approach with imaginative touches. Always on brand with the objective of providing people on the go with great stories, anywhere any time.

The brand strategy and creative approach have helped Storytel in building one of the most attractive and fastest-growing brands in the Nordics, exceeding its own forecasts in the past year by reaching approximately 400,000 subscribers and increasing streaming revenues by 60 percent.

On-demand is on

Storytel is one of many services and apps created to make life easier for the user. With other apps like Uber, Foodora and Netflix, people are getting used to having content on demand. In 2017, we can expect to see this development continue even further, according to Jayson DeMers at Forbes. There are thousands of apps available to get rides, food deliveries, and even a place to stay for the night, but soon we’ll see this evolve into other areas. However, there are also some downsides to these kinds of services. Uber has been heavily criticized for upsetting taxi drivers and for changing the competing landscape of services. In Sweden, another downside is the heavily criticized working conditions and salaries offered to the couriers who deliver food by bike.

The advantages of offering several agencies

Intellecta’s strategy – and in particular our focus on combining the strength of our network with the edge of our specialized agencies through collaboration and best-of-breed teams – came to good use in the case of Storytel. Through a single point of contact, we can offer the combined services and skills of 590 employees working for our 10 different agencies. In the case of Storytel, Rewir’s branding professionals teamed up with Unreel’s experts film producers and Wow’s innovative event planners. In all our customer relations, we focus on strategy, creative communication as well as a digital first approach to make sure our customers reach their goals. Our industry’s core competence is creativity and communication skills in the digital world – it’s amazing what’s being invented to sell products or ideas. When looking at the results that have been delivered to our customers from our agencies, we feel proud of what we do. We always strive to increase our efforts to raise our creative game.

The company was founded in 2005 under the name BOKiLUR. The name was changed in 2007 to Storytel, mainly to facilitate international expansion. The service is similar to Spotify’s where you pay for a subscription and get to listen as much as you like for SEK 169 a month. The books are streamed in MP3 format, and you can download them so you can listen offline.

Streaming in everyday conversations refers to the streaming of audio and video files on the recipient’s device while they are transmitted over the Internet. Streaming is used, for example, both for playback of stored files from websites, for the reception of live events on the Internet, and for listening to Spotify and books on Storytel.


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A year of change for ISBIT GAMES.

Warp Shift – ISBIT GAMES

ISBIT GAMES has transformed its business from producing online games for marketing purposes (such as First Person Lover for Björn Borg) to developing their own games. The first game, Warp Shift – a puzzle game for mobile platforms – was launched in the summer of 2016.

This is Warp Shift according to ISBIT

Warp Shift was born from the insight that there were many puzzle games available on the market that lacked characters and a story. ISBIT set out to create a challenging game that would stimulate all the senses while at the same time delivering a context for the puzzle seldom experienced in this genre. The result was a unique puzzle-solving game set in a mysterious world that takes the user on a marvellous journey that both challenges the mind and stimulates the senses. Beautiful visuals, challenging puzzles and an intriguing sound design help to optimize the user experience. The main character is a little girl called Pi, and the task is to guide her through the maze that keeps her trapped. You need to think ahead and alter your surroundings wisely to usher Pi back home – one swipe after another.

This is Warp Shift according to others

Warp Shift became a success that was loved not not only by its players, who gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 – but also by Apple. Apple used the game as one of its pre-installed apps on their display devices for iPhone 7 in September 2016, and then decided to promote it as their “free app of the week” at the end of last year. The promotion was a great success, with more than two million downloads in just a few days. The numbers are still rising.

Let’s hear it for Pi – another kind of hero

AppSpy recommended Warp Shift as one of the six best iPad and iPhone games to play at International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8. AppSpy highlighted the game to celebrate the female protagonists on the App Store because, as they put it, “It´s important to cherish diversity and inclusivity.” The fact that Pi, the main character, and Warp Shift ended up on that list was not a surprise. In an industry where it is common for female characters to be sexualized, it was important for the team at ISBIT to present Pi as a person, and not an objected and sexualised woman.

Warp Shift according to the gaming publications

“Warp Shift certainly sits in the same bracket as Monument Valley.”

Pocket Gamer

“Warp Shift is a leap ahead of any puzzle game we’ve ever reviewed.”

Edamame Reviews

“It is well-balanced and gorgeous to look at and filled to the brim with innovative twists and new ideas.”


“A mobile game that fans of Monument Valley will enjoy.”


“Warp Shift is genuinely refreshing.”


“Warp Shift is more of an adventure than a standard puzzle app.”

Common Sense Media

“Warp Shift is absolutely gorgeous.”


“A must for anyone who likes their games equal parts relaxing and taxing.”


Mobile games and new consoles

Mobile gaming today reaches more consumers and generates more revenue than any other gaming platform, but this does raise a number of concerns. While the pace of change and evolution has slowed down, there were two mobile games that stood out in 2016: Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run, both from Nintendo. These games proved that Nintendo’s franchises have something new and interesting to offer to the mobile gaming space, and that it is still a key market player.

Markus Koos CEO at ISBIT, says a change is to be expected within the world of mobile gaming. “People are going from an occasional mobile game to actually sitting down and playing. Something contributing to this could be the possibility to play mobile games on larger screens like Apple TVs or iPads.”

Nintendo is taking this one step further. The new console Nintendo Switch mixes mobile gaming with the old-fashioned console playing games. With Nintendo Switch, you can transform your console to suit your requirements, allowing you to play wherever you like. Nintendo Switch works in your living room, connected to a large screen TV and outside because you do not have access to a TV, you can use the screen on the console.

Gaming with VR and AR

2016 was the year when virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) had a real breakthrough. Multiple headsets were launched for consumers to buy, from high-end PC models to low-end clip-on smartphone holsters such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Even though many gaming studios have invested in VR, it has not quite been the “revolution” many expected. “2017 will be the year where Virtual Reality will either mature and develop or be abandoned by the gamers”, according to Markus Koos.


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River//Stora Enso

Recreate packaging; It´s all about luxury.

Stora Enso – River

Every second year, Stora Enso organizes “Recreate Packaging”, a global packaging design competition rewarding ideas and crafts. For the 2016 edition, River was assigned to arrange Recreate Packaging, a very exciting mission. For the assignment River was supported by its sister agency WOW who arranged the prize award event.

It’s all about luxury

The objective was to showcase and increase awareness of Stora Enso’s superior product quality, and the theme for the year was “luxury”. Target groups were potential and existing customers, as well as packaging designers worldwide. Design schools, design studios and independent designers competed.

Increase the number of competitors

The work with Recreate Packaging had several goals and targets. The concrete target was to increase the number of reported contributions to the competition. Other goals were to increase engagement online, double the number of fans on Facebook and double the number of social interactions. Last but not least, a major part of the work was to increase awareness and interest in the competition to create a solid foundation for Recreate Packaging 2018.

Luxury is tactile

With the objective “lead by example”, River focused on using the quality and properties of paper to convey the goals and purpose of the competition. Using the slogan “Luxury is tactile”, River created call for entries, a toolkit and a website, the main goal being to convey a sense of luxury through the paper and how it is treated.

River collaborated with fashion designer Bea Szenfeld to develop the trophies for the award winners which they received during a gala in New York. Szenfeld’s idea was to dramatize the creative process in the form of a pencil sharpener made of paper. A pen tip in gold, silver and bronze represented the different price which they received during a gala, arranged by WOW, in New York. A gala you can read more about at

A success for luxury

Recreate Packaging 2016 became a success, and the results were so impressive that it was decided that the event would be turned into an ongoing activity to keep the competition – and its inspiring mission – going until 2018. The preparations for 2018’s competition are already in full swing behind closed doors and the competition opens again with a new theme, new materials and challenges from Stora Enso.

The other results include the following:

  • The number of fans on Facebook increased by 345 per cent compared with 2014 – a result that was 129 per cent higher than the goal.
  • There was 1,231 per cent more interaction socially compared with 2014, and this was 552 per cent higher than the KPIs.
  • The search volume for “Recreate Packaging” on Google increased by 117 per cent compared with 2014.

VR in the slopes

New technologies keep on creating new opportunities and challenges for our customers. Intellecta has been in the forefront when it comes to experimenting with new technologies for other customers as well. Examples include VR (Mando Diao), games for online marketing (Varta, Björn Borg) and I-Beacon (Dansk Bio).

Working with Stora Enso provided River with several other creative opportunities. In addition to Recreate Packaging, another challenge was to develop a way to narrate the process of paperboard production. After exploring different VR and AR solutions, River focused on a 360 immersive experience, to be displayed through Samsung VR at a special event – The Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland in 2017. The video is now public on Youtube for everyone to experience.

AR and VR

In 2016 big steps were taken within AR and VR. One of them was Pokémon GO, an AR-game with over 500 million downloads. Pokémon, which was a popular game during the 1990s, bounced back in 2016 as an AR-game including mixed reality (MR). It was an enormous hit, with people crowding the streets to find rare Pokémons.

According to Jayson DeMers at Forbes “The market is ready for AR and VR, and we’ve already got some early-stage devices and tech for these applications, but it’s going to be next year before we see things really take off. Once they do, you’ll need to be ready for AR and VR versions of practically everything – and ample marketing opportunities to follow.” During the March 2017 South By Southwest tech-festival in Austin, USA, the hottest topics were AR, MR and VR.

Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper in global markets. The company’s aim is to replace non-renewable materials by innovating and developing new products and services based on wood and other renewable materials. Stora Enso has around 27,000 employees in more than 35 countries, and its shares are publicly traded in Helsinki and Stockholm.

The Stora Enso Recreate Packaging Competition has been revolutionizing packaging design since 2012. Originally launched as a creative platform, it serves as a breath of fresh air in the international design community. The contestants use Stora Enso’s renewable packaging materials to recreate luxury packaging while keeping the tactile aspects of the design in mind.

Virtual reality, perceived via a VR headset (or VR goggles) is only really a special pair of glasses. Inside the VR glasses there is a screen showing examples of a perceived digital world/environment, or a gaming world. When you move your head, different sensors react to your different moves and then reflect those moves onto the digital environment to pretend you have another reality before your eyes. The entire VR concept is therefore simply to create a virtual reality.

Augmented reality had a breakthrough with Pokémon GO. With AR, virtual objects appear in the real world you see and are in. It is sometimes called MR, which stands for mixed reality, which is quite suitable since it mixes reality with fantasy.


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“The best office party ever!”


The Swedish public service television company SVT (Sveriges Television) celebrated its 60th anniversary during several months in the autumn of 2016, and WOW was the agency to host the closing party.

The challenges

First and foremost, it was supposed to be a fun party for the employees. The key words for the event were Innovation, Tradition and Joy. An exciting and different party for everybody, it mirrored one of the keystones in SVT’s strategy, but there were several challenges. A total of 2,500 invitations were sent out, and there are very few venues in Stockholm and the surrounding areas that are suitable for a party for this number of people – especially since the event had to be worthy of the anniversary but not too stiff and formal. The average age of SVT employees is 47: a diverse target group, with high expectations. Another relevant challenge is that the party took place on a Saturday, so people had to be prepared to spend part of the weekend away from home.

Asset 13ldpi

The Party

Wow booked a closed down factory building with a reputation as a cool, laid back venue for pop and rock concerts, and invited the employees to “The SVT Festival” with all the symbols and gadgets associated with a music festival.

Guests were admitted to the party by showing their festival bracelets, and were met with music, light and projected images including different halls and rooms, each with its own ambience, appealing to different tastes and age groups. Guided by the festival program, the guests were offered drinks, delicate finger foods, a variety of entertainment from three stages and several fun activities.

“The best office party ever!”

SVT´s project group was very satisfied with the outcome and confirmed that the event lived up to the stipulated key words – Innovation, Tradition and Joy – in every way. The feedback from the employees was extremely positive, with many referring to it as “the best office party ever!” Many of the guests stayed on until the party was over.

Decreasing trust in the media

According to statistics from the European Commission, only 43 percent of Europeans trust the media. A global confidence barometer from Edelman Intelligence puts Sweden at the bottom globally in terms of “confidence in the media”. And the gap between the general public and the well-informed public is increasing.

With the broad knowledge within communication we are well equipped to advice our clients in the changing media landscape.

Facebook and big data

Facebook has started a program to battle the spread of fake news. The program alerts users when independent fact checkers have disputed the truth of a news story. Facebook has also made it easier for its users to dispute a news story. When these fact checkers dispute the truth of a story, Facebook will not block the story from news feeds. Instead, the site will flag the story as under dispute. According to Jimmy Rohampton at Forbes, “Millennials are tech-savvy, get their news predominantly from social media and value honesty, so they’re likely to investigate and verify news they see, push for more transparency from media outlets and reward factual reportage by sharing such content.”

There were people blaming Facebook for the outcome of the US election since it was data from Facebook that presumably helped target voters. What made it possible to manipulate the votes was the use of psychographic segmentation, with Facebook as a platform. In an article first published in Das Magazin, Hannes Grass Egger and Michael Krogerus explain how Trump’s team – based on a database of millions of personality profiles and collected via digital personality tests, could analyze the personalities of individuals due to how it correlated with their Facebook behavior. All that was needed to determine a person’s sexual orientation, skin color, or whether they were a Democrat or Republican, was 68 likes, according to the article. The EU has already decided on new rules for personal data protection, which will be put to use in 2018, and 2017 will probably be the year when we start discussing what kind of big data we are allowed to collect. This requires new solutions, from both regulators and other stakeholders.

Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden.

Fake news became a commonly used word and phrase throughout 2016. As a result of the increased use of the Internet as people’s main source of information, there’s been an increase in fake news from sites that publish and circulate inaccurate information about current events. We saw it happen during the 2016 US presidential election: fake news about both candidates was shared widely across Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Fake news have had an impact on peoples trust in the traditional and the social media, something that affects communication in all directions. The employees at Intellecta are already working with supporting clients on how to deal with fake news. With the broad knowledge within communication we are well equipped to advice our clients in the changing media landscape.


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Risky business? Nej, new business!
EKN helps even unexpected businesses grow

EKN – Hilanders

The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (Exportkreditnämnden or EKN) is commissioned by the Swedish Government to promote Swedish exports and an internationalization of Swedish companies. This is done by insuring export companies and banks against the risk of non-payment in export transactions, thereby enabling them to conduct more secure export transactions. With EKN’s guarantees, Swedish companies can conduct more transactions in their current markets as well as being able to export to new ones.

Risky business? Nej, new business!

Throughout 2016, EKN continued its marketing efforts to strengthen its brand. Hilanders was commissioned to develop a campaign for EKN to create awareness of EKN’s offers for small and medium companies and inspire them to explore a world of possible business opportunities abroad. The overall idea was to visualize these great business opportunities in new markets by showing unconventional combinations of the known and the unknown in a fun way. The creative concept included presenting well-known local dishes in new combinations: a Swedish cream bun (semla) with alternative fillings.

Goodbye comfort zone. Hello nya marknader!

The campaign included digital and print in business magazines and local newspapers, as well as indoor campaigns at airports around Sweden. The campaign was highly appreciated by the target group externally and internally. DI Analys called it “an aesthetic, beautiful campaign that gets extra plus for fresh copy”.

But while EKN allows Swedish companies to reduce the risks when exporting and investing abroad, from a macro perspective the world unfortunately remains characterized by high risk and difficulties to navigate

Intellecta and the macroperspective

EKN and Hilanders have shown that a great concept (mixing a Swedish tradition with foreign influence) can get widespread coverage on social media. But while EKN allows Swedish companies to reduce the risks when exporting and investing abroad, from a macro perspective the world unfortunately remains characterized by high risk and difficulties to navigate. Brexit, the effects of the US presidential election, war and migration all affect the customers willingness to invest in marketing communications. During 2016, the overall GDP growth was lower than expected, and there will probably be a fairly long period of slow growth as opportunities are hampered by significant macro and geopolitical challenges, that will affect Intellecta and its clients in different ways.

A semla or fastlagsbulle (Southern Sweden and Swedish-speaking Finland) is a wheat bun filled with marzipan and topped with whipped cream, eaten traditionally at the beginning of lent in Sweden.

The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (Exportkreditnämnden or EKN) is a government agency that answers to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Its aim is to promote Swedish exports by issuing guarantees, functioning as insurances, by which the Government of Sweden assumes certain risks. The customers include export companies and banks.


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Bysted FFW & FFW//The Danish Royal Court

Making the Court and the Royal Family accessible for everyone. Whether you:want to follow royal life closelyare interested in etiquettewant the story of the Danish Royal Family

Bysted FFW & FFW | Danska hovet

Kongehuset – The Danish Royal Court

For Her Majesty´s the Queen of Denmark birthday in April 2016, the Danish Royal Court launched its new website – which had been completely redesigned and implemented by BystedFFW and FFW. The website represents the Danish Royal Court’s important steps towards creating a more modern digital presence. Bysted FFW worked closely with the Danish Royal Court, focusing on creating a website that would make the Royal Family and the Court accessible to everyone. Whether you want to follow royal life closely, or if you are interested in etiquette and the story of the Danish Royal Family, the new website captures your attention with its pictures of the monarchy and the royal collections, as well as interesting news stories.


The Danish Royal Court wanted a new website that was up to par with modern trends to represent the modern royal family. The website had to be designed to accommodate the needs of the wide audience that the monarchy serves. Thus, there had to be enough space on the new website for current news and upcoming events, as well as detailed information on the history of the monarchy. The website also had to facilitate the work of the content editors. This meant rethinking the structure of the content, completely redesigning the website, and implementing it using Drupal: in other words, a perfect project for BystedFFW and FFW. The website needed to be ready for the Queen’s birthday: three months from the project’s start date.

The multilingual website (languages include Danish, English and French) has been developed in Drupal, and is a modern editorial platform with a focus on the editors’ user experience

A new website focusing on user experience

The new website makes the Danish Royal Family more open and accessible to their audience, and explores the monarchy’s historical roots while at the same time focusing on the Royal Family today. With “News” and “The Royal House” – two new features – on the front page, the website enables both a quick overview and total immersion. At the same time, the website provides an overview of the Royal Family’s activities, so followers can see how the apanage is spent.

The multilingual website (languages include Danish, English and French) has been developed in Drupal, and is a modern editorial platform with a focus on the editors’ user experience. Now, the editors are able to build pages aided by 15 different types of paragraphs that we developed using the Paragraphs module in Drupal. During the project, 5,500 old news items, picture galleries and events were migrated to the new solution. All this was made possible through close collaboration between BystedFFW and FFW.

Asset 4ldpi

Digitalization and its leaders

The digital transformation continues and have an impact on the companies Intellecta is working with.. The next step is the digitalization of back offices, with robots and automation replacing humans for tasks such as invoicing and so on. With a new working landscape, new types of leadership will emerge to complement traditional leader roles hence there will be new types of leaders and and digitally skilled employees that need a different kind of communication support then before.

The next step is the digitalization of back offices, with robots and automation replacing humans for tasks such as invoicing and so on

New positions at C-level such as CDO (Chief Digital Officer) and CXE (Chief Experience Officer) are becoming more common. According to Brian Solis, digital analyst at the Altimeter Group, who wrote “The 2016 State of Digital Transformation”, this transformation is largely led by the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Not far behind, though, is a whole generation of digitally savvy CEOs who are leading their organizations into the digital era. What’s interesting from the study is the fact that the CXE has a role that will be adopted by other leaders; CEOs and CIOs will assume CX-related responsibilities, which makes a CXE role redundant. All this while sector convergence continues between different businesses. Takeovers, consolidations and new players all want a piece of the digitalization pie, which opens up for a new sort of transparency and modernization. This transformation will fundamentally impact many of Intellecta´s clients and the way that they do business.


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Intellecta//Looking forward

Looking back and looking forward.

I am proud to have so many fantastic coworkers who generate value every day of the year. Our coworkers bring value to our customers all over the world, and Intellecta would not be the same without all of them. Our corporate values are Courage, Care, Performance and Passion, and examples of these values are to be found in all the offices on all six continents – and I do mean all six of them, thanks to FFW opening offices in Australia in the last quarter of 2016. We are present in Africa as well, where we are deeply committed to providing high-quality education and health, and thus the prospect of a better future, to the students at our schools through the Gundua Foundation. The foundation operates two schools and a health clinic in Northern Kenya, the ambition being to make a difference to the local community. Intellecta contributes both financially and through the efforts of our employees, many of whom also make private donations on a monthly basis.

Looking ahead, in 2017 Intellecta will keep focusing on delivering customer value at the crossroads of creative communication and digital technology. We will continue to adapt our operations and to meet evolving market needs to boost the Group’s growth and improve its performance, working hard to increase shareholder value. We have entered the year with some exciting new clients including BillerudKorsnäs, Falck, Nordea Markets, Statistiska Centralbyrån, Sweco and Teknikföretagen. Finally, with FFW having opened an office in France in the first quarter, we will continue to invest in new markets.

Financial results

During 2016 we continued to deliver value to our customers and our agency income grew to about MSEK 450 or 9.4 per cent of revenue while our EBIT landed on MSEK 23.6, excluding the goodwill write-off, compared with MSEK 24.7 the previous year. Since launching our current strategy in 2013, we have successfully reached four of the five milestones we had set for the end of 2016. However, due to postponed investments in the web CMS Drupal by our US clients, we did not reach the financial goals set out for the end of 2016.

Net Sales, MSEK

*Excluding non-recurring items

Equity/assets ratio, %
Agency Income, MSEK

Intellecta key figures 2016

MSEK 2016 2015
Revenue 516.8 469.2
Agency income 449.4 410.9
Operating profit excluding non-recurring items 23.6 24.7
Operating income -33.4 24.7
Operating margin of agency income excluding non-recurring items, % 5.3 6,0
Operating margin of agency income, % -7.4 6,0
Profit before tax -37.7 22.5
Profit after tax -41.7 12.1
Earnings per share for continuing operations, SEK -10.85 1.75
Equity per share, SEK 33.35 41.25
Equity ratio, % 41 42
Return on capital employed, % -10.5 10.6
Return on equity, % -29.0 4.3